Cindy Cornelis

Cindy Cornelis studied law at the University of Antwerp (2016, cum laude).
During her master's years, she was an aspiring researcher at the Research Group Personal Rights and Property Rights. After completing her studies, she was a doctoral researcher at the UAntwerpen Faculty of Law. She earned the Young Scientist Award for outstanding platform speaker at the 2019 World Congress on Medical Law in Tokyo.

In 2021, Cindy earned the degree of Doctor of Laws on the thesis titled "Genetic Data and Insurance." That dissertation was awarded the 2020-2021 biennial Scientific Award for Health Law André Prims.

Since April 2021, Cindy is a member of the Leuven Bar and joined Dewallens & Partners.

Cindy has a broad orientation in health law. On a regular basis she gives lectures at home and abroad and writes scientific articles on different themes.